Self-publishing a book is only step one.  Then it is up to yourself to advertise your book and hope that people will buy it.  Now that September is here, I am reaching out to as many Ontario boards of education as I can to see if they will send word of my book to the Primary Grade teachers and Librarians in their district.  For that reason I created the graphic here that (I hope) gives the best overview of my book possible.  Unfortunately, most of the email addresses at the boards of education do not allow the attachment of graphics- which is very unfortunate because it means that they are less likely to follow up my email to ask for one. However, I did give them links to this website, hoping that they might take a look to see what my book is all about.

Scholastic Books Pitch

Today I sent an email to Scholastic Book Clubs, submitting my book in hopes that they will choose it for their school book sales.  I may have waited too long to do this as there was a note warning authors that they may need to wait 6 months for a reply.  I tried to send the letter earlier in July, but their submissions office was on holiday until today.  I decided to send digital copies of my books with my submission letter hoping that it might give me a little more of an edge on the time issue.

Check This Out

Check out the Teacher Resources page for my book Remembrance Day in Canada.  I had my book translated into French as Jour du Souvenir au Canada.  My book is for kids aged 6 to 10 years old.  I have word searches, crosswords, a word puzzle, a colouring page and other free printouts to use at home or in your classroom!

My Books!

I was an elementary teacher for many years and this book was based on an activity I did with my Grade 1 and Grade 2 students for Remembrance Day ceremonies. I used it to teach my young students about the symbols associated with Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day is an important day across Canada. It is a special day of observance, when our country takes time to remember and honour all Canadians who fought and helped in wars to keep our country free and safe.















Where to buy my books:

My books are available at Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, Chapters.Indigo.ca and BarnesAndNoble.com.