My book on Sale!

Here is my book on sale at Book City in Toronto.  When I first went in (at the beginning of November), I couldn’t find my book.  I talked to the lady in charge of consignment and together we found my book buried on the shelves.  She took it out with a few others about Remembrance Day.  She said that they would make a display for Remembrance Day.  Here is my book on display!

Book Feedback

My sister-in-law sent my book to school with her grandson.  The teacher read it to the class and sent a wonderful note home.  I always enjoy hearing that people like my book.  Thanks Kari for sending the book to school!

My Book Signing!

My book signing was a great success!  I sold a lot of books and got to talk to people about my book.  I met a very nice lady from a local Legion in the Oshawa area.  She snapped this picture (she added it to the Legion’s FaceBook page and Instagram feed) and sent it to me.