August 9, 2017

The Legion has not responded to my email yet. Maybe they are on summer holidays and no one is keeping up with emails. I decided to try another Legion branch near me. I quickly get a response from this branch of the Legion, and the lady there was willing to help me. I explain more to her about my book and ask if I could meet up with someone to fact-check my book. She informed me that her particular Legion branch was a ‘virtual’ branch, meaning that there was no actual physical location. That actually made sense to me because the location stated on the website did not seem like a place where a Legion would be located; it was too residential. That meant that I couldn’t meet up with her contact at the Legion, as I was thinking to do to go over my book. So, I asked her to send my information to the person she had in mind, so we could set up a time and place to talk. She said ‘no’ to that because giving my information to the other person broke confidentiality rules. I didn’t understand. I was giving my information, not asking for that other person’s information. Once they had my information, they could decide if they wanted to meet up with me or not. Apparently, that was not an option. Oh, well, I guess I will try another Legion.

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