July 29, 2017

This is the day when everything really started. I had my book idea- The Symbols of Remembrance Day- and I needed a publisher. How do you do this? Like most people, I did a Google search: How do I publish a children’s book? Then the search results came in. Then I did something rash. I picked almost the first search result I found. Pretty reckless. Then I learned that there was something called ‘self-publishing’. Instead of getting my book done by taking it to a traditional publishing house and getting them to approve it (after all, we have all heard of people being turned down by publishers, time and time again), I could pay for it myself and get it done quickly because Remembrance Day was coming and I wanted it ready in time. So, as I said, I contacted pretty much the first result from my Google search. Their website was well-laid out and it was easy to understand what you got for what you paid. But was it legit? It looked pretty upscale for a scam, but what do I know about this kind of thing? So, I asked my husband, Peter. Should we give this a try? It was going to cost over $5,000. We are on a retirement income. This was going to rack up the credit card. Should I be doing this? What if it isĀ a scam? I liked that it was a Canadian company; that made life much easier. He checked out the website with me and we decided to give it a try. Then I contacted TellWell publishers and things started. My initial contact was a guy named Daemon from TellWell. He immediately sent me a lot of information about self-publishing with them and what would be involved. A lot of reading and learning. I decided to go for it. He liked my book idea and began to assemble a team to help me with it.

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