Remembrance Day In Canada Resources

Free Printable Activities and Worksheets

This page contains all the activities I have created that go with my book Remembrance Day in Canada and Jour du Souvenir au Canada.  I have word searches, a classroom activity, a colouring page, a crossword and some comprehension question pages.  I have tried my best to translate some of the activities into French to go with Jour du Souvenir au Canada.


*New!* Here are some easy and medium Remembrance Day questions I have made that are based on the information found in my book.



FrenchEasyRemembranceQuestions French



FrenchMediumRemembranceQuestions  French

This is how it all started!

This is a revised version of ‘The Symbols of Remembrance Day’ that I created to use in my class.  It is the activity my book was created from.  You are welcome to print it and use it in your classroom or for assemblies.  I printed it on card stock paper and laminated it, or you can print it on regular paper and glue it to bristol board before laminating.  This activity might work with older students (I was thinking of English students learning French when in Grade 6 or 7 or French Immersion students in Grade 4 or 5) but instead of holding up pictures printed from my book, you might have them make posters, dress up or be creative in some other way to show the symbol that they are presenting.  You might have them do some research so that they can add a sentence or two of their own (English or French) to the information in my book.

SymbolsOfRemembranceDay English

SymbolsOfRemembranceDay French

This is a secret word puzzle.  I made it easy by having the numbers under the secret letter boxes match the number in the secret word answer line.


These are the completed word puzzles for my website.  Click on the links below for the easy and medium WordSearch puzzles for you to use at home or in your classroom.




This is my first crossword for my website.  The words used are directly from my book.  Click on the link below to download the crossword to use at home or in your classroom.



Colouring Page:

Please select the image below to download and print a colouring page from my book (PDF), which you can use at home or in your classroom.









The Sound of the Rain:

The following composition is called ‘The Sound of the Rain’, but the video is titled, ‘Remembrance Day’.  After I wrote this musical piece, I felt that sounded solemn and serious.  I decided to create a video about Remembrance Day to go with the music.

The composition was written for piano and cello. The sheet music for the piece can be purchased at Score Exchange.